Toureaux was started in late 2019 by Suzannah, an American expat living in Barcelona. While completing a business degree at Barcelona's Pompeu Fabra University, she tried a brief stint as a tour guide.

She enjoyed when she was able to give guests a truly authentic experience of the city. She'd guide them around the lesser-known neighborhood of Gràcia, explaining the history of what was once a separate countryside village, now engulfed by the metropolis of Barcelona. She would take them to Gràcia's family-run bodegas (wine shops) that have been around for nearly a century. They'd sample olives and Jamón Ibérico at the local market. They'd marvel at one of Gaudí's secret buildings, Casa Viçens.

However, she realized that most tours rarely veered off-the-beaten-track to show travelers the other, more local side of the city.

So she set out to create a space for passionate guides who would help travelers go beyond the standard tourist route, offering something much more unique.


Today’s travelers don’t want to be kept inside a bubble when visiting new places. They want to meet locals and engage with the local culture.

This is at the heart of Toureaux’s mission: to connect travelers with local guides and experiences that they’ll never forget. Toureaux is for the traveler who wants to converse with local residents, sit in mom-and-pop restaurants, see off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods, and hear personal perspectives of the area. Each offering is unique. 

Smaller group sizes allow visitors to connect better with the guide. The guide can respond to questions that might go beyond the area's historical facts and important figures. The guide can talk about their personal experiences and day-to-day life living in the area.

In this sense, each visitor will walk away with a more unique and immersive experience, which has allowed them to truly connect with the local culture. They’ve also gotten to “peel back the layers” of the city or region, exposing the core of the area that visitors don’t get to see on a more basic tourist route.

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Are you a local guide or experience host? If you'd like to submit your tour or experience to be listed on our platform, just follow the steps below:

1. Click "Sign up" at the top of the page.
2. Create an account using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or your email.
3. Click + Host an Experience at the top right corner of the homepage.
4. Fill out the information about your experience.
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Please keep in mind that the tours and experiences on our website should encompass at least some of the following characteristics:

 -Personal attention
 -Great storytelling
 -Small group sizes
 -Interesting history, facts, tips and tricks
 -Off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods
 -Personal stories about living in the city
 -Mom-and-pop eateries to try local foods
 -A top-quality, truly memorable experience

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Mick's Ultimate Foodie Experience: Eat Your Way Through Barcelona

"Come join me on a custom-made food tour of Barcelona. A self-proclaimed foodie, I'll share with you my obsessive knowledge of Catalan cuisine. On this food journey, I'll make it a point to take you to top-secret epicure hangouts."

Sergio's Walk Through Barcelona's Old Town: A Unique Perspective

"Delight yourselves in the beauty of the Old Town and the tasty samples from Barcelona's food markets on this walk full of fun, history, and details you would never get to know on big tours. Take your time asking me questions and enjoy!"

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Join us on our mission to connect travelers with local guides and experiences they’ll never forget.

We're looking for: history buffs, foodies, sommeliers, chefs, nature-lovers, sailors, bikers, hikers, artists, and other (experienced) experience hosts.

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