What is Toureaux?
Toureaux.com is a platform for tour guides, experience hosts, and travelers. (Learn more about our mission to connect travelers with local guides and experiences that they’ll never forget by clicking here.)

Hosts can use the platform to offer experiences like wine tastings and cooking classes. Local guides can advertise walking tours that will show travelers all of the best sights and hidden foodie spots. Travelers can use the platform to book the experiences and local guides.

What is a "platform"?
This means that anyone can create an account. Just click where it says "Sign up" at the top of the page.

Using your account, you can list your tour or experience. However, in order to have your tour or experience approved, we must verify that you are a guide or host who has the right experience and/or qualifications.

How do payments work?
If you are a guide or host, you'll be able to add your payout info after you've created an account. When a customer requests a tour, you'll be able to accept or decline the booking request, based on your availability. You have up to 3 days to accept or decline the booking request, though we recommend accepting or declining as soon as possible.

Once you've accepted the request, you will receive the payment directly into your linked bank account several days after the experience has taken place, minus the 7% commission (this includes all credit card processing fees, so you will always receive 93% of the total booking amount.)

How can I get my tour or experience approved?
After you've created an account, you'll be able to create your first listing. Click "Host an experience" at the top-right corner of site. From there, you'll be able to fill in all the details about your tour or experience. 

If you have a website, social media account, video or anything else to help us get an idea of your background and experience, please send them to us via email at hello@toureaux.com.

What can I do to make my tour or experience stand out?
Customers like to be able to book tours and experiences ahead of time, so please make sure you have your payout information added to your account. This way, you'll still be covered in the case of a last-minute cancellation.

Great photos and a detailed description are important. Travelers like to have an idea of what the experience entails.

What if a customer asks to pay outside the platform?
We do not allow payments outside of the platform, unless they are for add-ons (entrance tickets, etc.). Please make sure your customers pay ahead of time using their credit card. Let us know if there are any problems: hello@toureaux.com.

What if a customer's travel plans get disrupted? For example, what if their flight gets cancelled?
If a customer's flight gets cancelled, or something else happens that is outside their control they can send us proof of the incident and we will refund them. 

Other questions?
Feel free to shoot us an email: hello@toureaux.com