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Please keep in mind that the tours and experiences on our website should encompass at least some of the following characteristics:

 -Personal attention
 -Great storytelling
 -Small group sizes
 -Interesting history, facts, tips and tricks
 -Off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods
 -Personal stories about living in the city
 -Mom-and-pop eateries to try local foods
 -A top-quality, truly memorable experience

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Mick's Ultimate Foodie Experience: Eat Your Way Through Barcelona

"Come join me on a custom-made food tour of Barcelona. A self-proclaimed foodie, I'll share with you my obsessive knowledge of Catalan cuisine. On this food journey, I'll make it a point to take you to top-secret epicure hangouts."

Sergio's Walk Through Barcelona's Old Town: A Unique Perspective

"Delight yourselves in the beauty of the Old Town and the tasty samples from Barcelona's food markets on this walk full of fun, history, and details you would never get to know on big tours. Take your time asking me questions and enjoy!"