Studying abroad in Spain?

Looking for a fun way to gain business and marketing experience? Become one of our Student Ambassadors.

1. Earn rewards for you, your family & friends. It's easy to get rewarded. Earn free tours, experiences, and other prizes by hitting certain milestones each month.

2. Learn & grow. As a Student Ambassador you'll gain invaluable experience - business and marketing experience you'll be able to take into the workforce later on.

3. Flexible schedule. Continue to enjoy your time studying abroad! Choose how many hours you'd like to devote each week.

What are we looking for?

Outgoing, enthusiastic, and creative types who enjoy travel and social experiences. If you fit this description, then you're probably a great candidate for our program!

Apply today

Send an email to It should include:

1. A short letter of motivation explaining why you're interested.

2. Your full name, home university, and study abroad program.

If we think you're a good fit for our Student Ambassador program, we'll be in touch.